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Welded beams


3 000 ÷ 12 000 mm


The beam height is:

280 ÷ 2 000 mm


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Tula Metal construction Plant realizes welded I-beams for constructions with mechanical parameters of the Standard of the Ferrous Metallurgical Organization 20-93 and the State Standard – GOST 26020-83. All the structural elements are made of hot-rolled steel, which is delivered in sheets according to the State Standard – GOST 19903 and is made of:

low-alloyed steel (State Standard – GOST 19281);

carbon steel of general purpose (State Standard – GOST 14637).

The production process is carried out on the modern automated equipment that allows to produce up to 300 tons of I-beams and T-beams.

The company produces beams with the following characteristics:

The length of the beam is 3000 ÷ 12 000 mm;

The height of the beam is 280 ÷ 2000 mm;

The wall thickness is 6 ÷ 25 mm;

The thickness of the shelves is 8 ÷ 40 mm;

The width of the shelves is 120 ÷ 600 mm.

In addition, we also accept orders for the production of beams according to your drawings. According to the customer’s requirements, it is possible to produce all types of structures made of welded beams in accordance with the project documentation of the erected buildings. On request it is possible to produce I-beams of the following types of steel: 13Mn6, 10ChSND, St3 sp / PS5.


The use of welded beams

Welded beams are used in work sites, bridges, scaffold bridges, crane beams, floors and other metal structures. The most effective use of the beam is in the workshops, large-span structures of industrial buildings and other structures, as they provide significant metal’s savings and low load on itself.

Advantages of a welded beam:

Perfect quality;

The lack of waste;

Perfect quality;

Decrease of the metal construction’s weight and cost;

Individual bar.




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