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Screw profile


Since the 70s several attempts of implementation of high performance screw bar in Russia. But so far in Russia rebar monolithic concrete is mainly connected by overlapping and welding, due to the high cost of imported thread bar and couplings.

Now the price of screw bar, produced on the Tula metal rolling plant, as well as increasing the length of the overlap according to SP52-101-2003 makes the implementation of lapless screw joints timely and cost-effective.

Screw profile of the Tula metal rolling plant is certified and can be used as a reinforcement of class A500.

According to test results the rebar is recognized as unweldable, but thanks to the screw profile the connection of the rebar is possible by means of threaded sleeves, and cross joints is recommended to be made by welding.

Our rolled metal grade A500 steel 76 has improved corrosion resistance and resistance to stress corrosion cracking in comparison with steel rebar and BSt420S and BSt420S in combination with high mechanical properties.



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