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Rock anchor

Teleprimary :

16, 20, 22, 25 mm


By an expansion unit :

16 mm


Rock anchor is a metal rod, anchor,  fastened in different ways in the rocks. Anchoring is used both as an independent anchor or in combination with other kinds of bolting elements for fixing mine workings, in the construction of transport tunnels and subways. Rock anchors increase operational safety, improves the workings and reduces the cost of mounting and maintenance. Compared with other types of bolting rock bolting makes it easy to mechanize the process of the lining construction.

Anchors are also used for fastening of trunk pipelines, utility networks, various metal structures and hanging of power and signal cables.

Slotted rock bolt, drop anchor, expanded anchor, concrete anchor, resin-grouted bolt, and polymer anchors bracket are based on the thread bar manufactured by our plant.

The mechanical properties of the anchor

Tula metal rolling Plant’s rock anchor has high durability and high corrosion resistance, which ensures its operation for the whole service life.

Anchor’s Specifications

An example of a symbol of anchor – A16 / 19h8V (R) – 1500, where:

A – anchor;

16/19 – rod diameter / outer diameter of the thread bar, mm;

9 – Thread pitch;

(K) – screw profile (K – with an oblique cut);

1500 – Anchor’s length mm



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