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10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm


Yield strength not less than:

500 MPa


Tear resistance, min:

880 MPa




Periodic profile rebar grade A 500 made of 76 steel by hot rolling of the rail steel in compliance with the Technical Requirement 093311-313-36554501-2014 is included into the mill’s assortment. Rebar’s geometry, characteristics and weight correspond with the State Standard GOST 5781-82.

Rebar is used for reinforcing of the ferroconcrete constructions of different purposes.

At the moment the mill produces rebar with the following diameters: 10,12,14,16 mm. LLC “Metal Rolling Plant” is ready to produce rebar with the diameter of 24 mm.

By the results of the welding connections tests this rebar is acknowledged as unwelded one. That’s why it should be used without welding, attached with mechanical couplings, cross connections should be made by tying.

Rolled metal’s resistance to the corrosion cracking and some other advantages were established (see Scientific Research Institute of Concrete and Ferroconcrete’s recommendations about using this rebar). This rebar is recommended to be used as linear rods of general and prestressed grade A500 rebar without welding.


Steel mark Mass fraction of elements,%
Carbon Manganese Silicon Vanadium Titanium Zirconium Sulphur Phosphorus
no more, than
Steel 76 0,74-0,84 0,75-1,25 0,18-0,55 - - - 0,045 0,035
Tensile strength, not less, than Yield strength, not less, than Percentage elongation Uniform elongation, not less than Hardness
МPа МPа % % НВ
880 500 6 2 260…290


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