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Diameter :

from 8 to 40 cm



from 2 to 15 meters


Micropiles are the elements of the pile foundation that serve to transfer the load on the deep-lying dense layers of the ground. Micropiles have a high load capacity with a small diameter.

Micropiles are successfully used in the modern construction, as well as for strengthening of the foundations of historic buildings in their restoration and enhancement at excavation of deep foundation pits, construction of underground structures, and so on.

Small working is required area for micropiles’ fixing, that’s why with the use of mini boring technology such piles can be produced in cramped conditions, basements in out-of-the-way places, where drilling activity can be conducted in any direction.

The diameter of the piles is from 8 to 40 cm (usually 15 … 25 cm), and the holes for them can be drilled even through a layer of the old concrete.

Extensive experience and numerous data obtained after years of monitoring suggest this technology the most reliable.

Micropiles received its initial popularity in countries of the Western Europe. Ferroconcrete piles which length can vary from 2 to 15 meters were used in the construction of low-rise buildings that at once made it possible to significantly save the use of concrete and rebar. Micropiles have been particularly effective in a heaving clay soil, where the laying of the traditional strip foundation requires not only high material costs, but also very precise calculations. But on the ground with a large fluidity, on the slopes and in areas where there may be underflooding of the basement, there was not any alternative to micropiles. At the same time micropiles can be used in the construction of houses without basement and with a basement or a ground floor.



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