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Ground anchor


25 mm


Yield strength not less than:

Not less than 800 MPa


Tear resistance, min:

Not less than 1000 MPa


Ground anchors are used for fixing foundation pits’ fences, retaining walls and walls of underground structures, foundations of buildings, bottoms of docks and caisson, landslide slopes and slants, and so on. Ground anchor is a device made to transmit tensile loads from the anchoring structure to the bearing layers of the ground.

The anchor consists of three main parts: the well head, anchor bar and sealing.

Anchors can be divided by:

• the direction of traction – inclined and vertical;

• the method of making holes – drilling of the holes with casings, under the clay solution, with screw conveyer, immersion of casing by piling or indenting;

• by the method of anchor’s fixation – injection (the fixation is made by the supply of cement solution under overpressure) with bored widenings, cylindrical (hole is filled with a solution without overpressure);

• the material of anchor bars – from the reinforcement bars and wire-rope reinforcement;

• by service life – temporary (up to 2 years) and permanent (anchors are designed to operate for the whole service life of the construction);

• on the pre-tension – pre-stressed anchor (their rod is fixed on the cap with prestressing of more than 30% of the operating load) and anchors without prestressing;

• by the method of anchor bars’ connection with cement rock of the fixation – with monolithed rod (type I) and with a free rod in the fixation zone (type II).



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