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Particle size:

does not exceed 20 mm


Measure the true density:

4,41 t/m3


Cinder – a product of oxidation formed on the surface of the hot iron during forging or hot rolling. When the metal is quenched in the air, then under the influence of oxygen oxide is form.

Any kind of the metal oxide can be called a cinder. Although more often cinder is a mixture of iron oxides, in the form of iron crust on the processed metal. If you rapidly cooled the metal or hit it, metal crust easily fall off.

Cinder is produced from the steel 76 in the process of rolling at LLC “Metal Rolling Plant”. Cinder is delivered straight out of the workshop, without any admixtures (maximum allowed obstruction is 1%). Cinder has the same fractional composition, the same true density and bulk weight. In accordance with the Sate Standard – GOST 2787-75 this cinder is classified as a cinder 27A.

The size of the cinder parts does not exceed 20 mm.

Index of the true density: 4.41 t / m3.

The index of the bulk weight: 1973 kg / m3.

The quantity of the cinder is up to 200 tons / month.

LLC “Metal Rolling Plant” is ready to consider proposals on the producing of this volume for the subsequent manufacture of metal products.



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