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Anchor bar


Anchor bar is designed for fastening face walls of berthing facilities of sea and river ports, dams, retaining walls and other fortifications.

Retaining walls made with the use of anchor bars and special anchored piles are the most common example of the use of the screw profile. The screw profile is produced by the Tula ‘Metal Rolling Plant’ has the length of 11.7 meters, which allows the design whole anchor bars or with a minimum of couplings. Using a screw coupling ensures uniform strength of anchors.

The uniqueness of the anchor bar from the screw profile also is in the fact that it can be cut to the desired length anywhere. The determining factor in the choice of the screw profile of steel 76 is its high corrosion resistance and high tensile strength. Anchor bars are selected according to the load requirements. Depending on the size our anchor bars can endure the load from 15 to 100 tons.



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